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Ever since I can remember, I have been unwillingly labelled as a ‘wordsmith’ among my
Alongside The Book Direct Show we are compiling the largest ever survey of property managers
The Book Direct Network Signs Up to Tourism Declares
Grow your revenue and create a better brand guest experience by deploying strategies to drive direct bookings and increase your share of wallet from every guest.
A clear explanation of what reviews mean and what replying to reviews mean. Take a look, it is quite a fun way of getting your point across
How do you go from bookings on online travel agencies (OTAs) to direct bookings? Content Marketing! This infographic shows you how.
Your online property listing serves as your vacation rental’s first impression — one that many web users will never move beyond — and it’s just as important as the traditional firm handshake and eye contact. So what are the elements of a listing that make vacationers want to get to know your property better?
Everyone talks about the disastrous implications the pandemic had on hotels. But if you look closely, post Corona, it also brings us great advantage ...
What is our world without social media today? Can you even imagine that? Of course not! So, it’s the right time to use social media to grow your business, which in vacation rentals’ case means getting more and more direct bookings. In this blog post, you’ll learn Which social media platform fits your short-term rental business and how to make the most out of each one.

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