My name is Joanne Greene and I am the founder of Reviews4you. I grew up in the hospitality industry as my father was a hotel manager in various hotels throughout the UK and I have worked in hospitality for over 30 years. I started my career working in the luxury hotel segment at Wheatleigh in Massachusetts in the USA, and then returning to London to work at the Milestone Hotel, and more recently at Gullivers Travel Associates, the largest wholesale tour operator in the world. It was here that I pioneered the first ever full for empty wholesale contract in Amsterdam and grew the business year after year by double digits ensuring that Amsterdam remained one of their top 5 European destinations for over 25 years. It was at GTA, following my regular strategy and marketing meetings with hoteliers, that I realised that there was a large gap in the market when it came to businesses responding to their reviews and meeting their objectives of wanting to increase their direct bookings and reduce distribution costs and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I could bridge that gap and help them increase revenue, generate sales and engage with their customers by tapping into this underutilized resource – reviews – and so Reviews4you was born.