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Content Marketing Ideas To Generate more Direct Bookings

6 Content Marketing Tips That Drive Direct Bookings

Technology and the Internet have changed the vacation rental industry’s face in many ways, especially in accessing and publishing content. These resulted in a more competitive market in which the best, tailored, and original content is the winner. Thus, to generate an incomparable piece of content, leading to more bookings, it is necessary to know top content marketing tips and implement some strategies.

What do vacationers know about Book Direct? Guest Education

What Do Vacationers Really Know About Book Direct?

Even though it’s a well-established industry from a historical standpoint, vacation rental owners and managers who want to keep control of their small business still have some work to do getting the word out that direct booking is a safe, effective, and efficient way to plan a trip — with tons of other perks in the process! In order to do that, it helps to know: what do vacationers already know about booking a vacation rental, and what are they guessing about?