Meet Wendy + David, Founders of Travelers Book Direct

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Meet Wendy and David, your personal high-performance hospitality marketing coaches. With more than two decades of industry experience, Wendy and David have passionately created the World’s Best hospitality marketing training program that teaches you how to leverage your in-house marketing resources to grow your destination reach, create meaningful and direct relationships with guests and grow your direct bookings. 

Imagine having direct access to the data intelligence and insider insights you need to have confidence in your marketing strategy, make better business decisions and ultimately crush your competition. Amplify your recovery strategy by joining Travelers Book Direct – the ultimate cloud-based hospitality marketing solution empowering you with a full suite of strategies, tactics, tools, coaching, and reporting metrics all aimed at driving up your direct bookings.     

Now is the time to reduce reliance on OTAs and shift your mindset to direct growth.   

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Industries Served:

Short-Term Rentals, Hotels, Serviced Accommodation, B&Bs


United States