Direct Bookings Masterclass

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Having scaled a SA business into 6 figures and heading for 7…. I have created a system to attract direct bookings.

By focusing on what’s happening around you and leveraging your existing bookings you can squeeze so much more out of your business.
But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
What lies beneath the surface is what changes the game for you!!
In this masterclass I let you in on the best strategies and formulas to:
  • Increase your booking volumes
  • Build a solid business foundation of your own
  • Increase your profit every month
  • And have the confidence to scale your portfolio

Ryan Luke

Luke Homes is a property business, STR host, across two continents with properties across the UK and Dubai. We also have mentorship programmes running alongside this include the 6 Figure property Investors, 7 Figure Property Empire and 7 Figure Entrepreneurs in order to help people grow their businesses using the formulas we have created.