Why Should Guests Book Direct?

Why Should Guests Book Direct

Ahead of Book Direct Day we asked our community of experts for their opinion on why guests should book direct.


Personal Relationship

The paradox of online marketing is that people buy from people – we sell online to reach a wider audience but lose the personal touch. #BookDirect helps us reconnect with our ideal target customers through our brand and identity, keeping that personal relationship with the customer alive.

Craig Webb, Webb Marketing


Supporting Local, Customer Service & Better Rates

“By booking direct you are ensuring that all your money ends up supporting local businesses. What’s more, by being in direct contact with your host, you are likely to receive a much higher level of customer service and will have greater ease of communication. Given that hosts can save on third-party commissions, you may even be able to get a better rate and exclusive availability by booking direct!”

Na’im Anís Paymán, Chief Revolutionary at Zeevou


Adopting The Mindset

“Book Direct is largely dependent on your character and your economics. If you are reading this, then you have already shown character and determined this may also benefit you financially.
Mixed marketing with a solid direct approach brings many benefits but requires work and knowledge, but also requires a broad view of what is happening around you.
BookDirect provides insights and advice to push forward and the steps to take. This reduces risk, adds value and is something to be proud of!”

Richard Vaughton, Co-Founder & Director at Rentivo


Best Rates, Personal Contact & Insider Knowledge

“When you book directly with your host, despite what the online travel agents tell you, you get the best rates.
Booking direct means you have personal contact with your host, at whatever level you wish, which means you get insider local knowledge and very often, exclusive extras to make your stay memorable and enjoyable.
Why wouldn’t you #bookdirect?”

Yvonne Halling, Bed and Breakfast Coach


Best Customer Service, Experience & Rates

I believe guests should book directly so they can gain the best customer service and guest experience from their vacation or getaway.  Booking direct gives them better rates, but is also important to getting the best from your host.

Jodi Bourne, Vacation Rental Marketing Consultant 


Entire Payments & Reliability

“Guests should book directly with the property because right now, the hospitality industry really needs our help and booking directly enables the property to receive the entire payment whereas if guests book via a 3rd party, the amount that the property receives can be up to 25% less than the guest is actually paying due to the fact that 3rd parties take such large commissions.
Todays guests are also seeking information with regards to the facilities within the property ie what is open and what isn’t and also regarding information about restaurants, tourist attractions and other places of interest close to the property.
Booking directly and speaking to someone at the property ensures that all the information that you are looking for is correct and handled more efficiently as they know the area and their property first hand.
So for reliability, accuracy and for the best rates, book directly with the property.”

Joanne Greene, Reviews 4 You


Control & Connections

Book direct means more control and more freedom to run a short-term rental business that you love. You set the rules, you connect with your ideal guests and create an authentic rental experience that will attract guests who want exactly what you’ve got. Happy guests, more repeat bookings!

Louise Brace, Rental Tonic


Collective Voice

“#Bookdirect guest education day is the one opportunity we get to share a collective hospitality message on the value of booking direct.  February 3rd is our industry megaphone. Use it!”

Vince Perez, Fetch My Guest & Stays Group


Control Your Business & Save Users Money

“JM Creative Group (the team behind itscabintime.com) champions the book-direct method because it helps our members keep control of their own vacation rental business and saves our site users money that they can use to make their travel experience unforgettable. Our regional approach gives vacationers the added benefit of speaking directly with an expert on their destination — the local owner or property manager.”

Courtney Cameron, It’s Cabin Time


Forming Relationships

“There are so many benefits for the guest and the host when they book direct. A proper relationship begins, which reaps rewards for them both. OTAs can still be used in a hosts marketing strategy, but instead of being the primary tool for attracting bookings, they can be used as a secondary one… and only when needed.”

Sarah Riley, Inspired Courses


Relationships, Flexibility & Pricing

#BOOKDIRECT to create a direct relationship with the owner or manager eliminating the middle man.
#BOOKDIRECT because often you may be provided with more flexible policies.
#BOOKDIRECT because often you can negotiate favorable terms, pricing and packaging inclusions.

Wendy Jae & David Tucker, Travelers Book Direct


Trust and Savings

The biggest “WIN” for both travelers and owners looking to reserve vacation rentals is to book direct. As the industry evolves there are many new platforms supporting the Book Direct movement putting travelers and owners in direct contact with each other. We created Florida Rental By Owners to fill this need in the marketplace where both parties come out on top. Trusted Book Direct platforms are the future of the vacation rental marketplace where both parties experience substantial savings.

Nancy McAleer, Florida Rental By Owners


Supporting Local

“The tourism industry has been one of the worst affected industries in 2020 and now in 2021. Booking Direct is the number 1 thing you can do to support your local tourism provider and the local economy. Make your booking count!”

Bart Sobies, iBookedOnline


Guaranteed Bookings

I don’t speak Spanish, but I recognise the sound of panic in a receptionist’s voice. My wife and I arrived at the hotel, only to discover that the agent hadn’t passed on our booking. The hotel sorted it out, but had we booked direct…….

Kenneth Mackay, Initiative 2


Perks, Communication & Flexibility

Because you get early check-in and late check-out. You have a direct communication with the host from day one and not just after the booking. You are not bound by the cancellation policies of the intermediary

Alex Caravitis, Syncbnb





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